How far forward have we really moved?

Posted on social media 19th December 2016


And so it goes on…and on :

I often struggle to imagine the discussions that go on around advertising agency sofas when plotting campaigns to tantalise our apparent sterile minds.  These bods seem increasingly bereft of imagination or wit. They chuck puerile and, more often than not, sexist crap at us, seemingly proud to have invented something all of us will obviously fall for and applaud. Who is sitting on these sofas? Are both sexes actively involved in the production process? On what basis do they make these decisions? Do they give a toss about what their propaganda is actually representing? If so, do the companies paying these probably overpaid and often talentless ‘creatives’ get what they really want? The answer to these questions is probably ‘yes’ as the output continues to display a distinct lack of ideas and intelligence.  


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